LeBron James will always be King

Stephen A. Smith & LeBron James

Stephen A. Smith on ESPN First Take took a strong stance on how if LeBron James were to lose to Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors again, it would strongly affect the rest of his career. He stated he “would be the past” and that he “won’t be the king” anymore. Check out the video below:

I completely agree with Stephen A. Smith on LeBron James being the past if he loses again. Honestly, if you look at the league now he kind of is the past at the moment. Everywhere you go it’s ‘Stephen Curry this’ and ‘Stephen Curry that’. LeBron’s moment of being the face of the NBA is over as the unanimous MVP has taken the reign. Curry is leading in shoe sales and jersey sales. He blows up twitter vines and he resides on SportsCenter 24/7 whether its highlights or just them conversing about his game. And even though Curry has taken that mass appeal, we can’t ignore what LeBron is still doing out on the floor. The guy is still dominant and is one of the best all around players in the league.

James may have lost that position as the face of basketball, but the man is still great, which takes me to my next point.

via Bleacher Report
via Bleacher Report

I disagree with Smith’s King comment because I whole-heartedly believe LeBron James will always be the King. He’s donned that nickname ever since he entered the league which is why it will never go away. From the infamous powder toss and his Strive for Greatness mantra, to all the great highlights that we’ve WITNESSed over the years, he’s earned that stamp on his name. James is one of the best basketball players the NBA has ever seen and there’s nothing that anyone can do out on that court to take away from that. 13 years of greatness is what he has given us and even if he never wins another ring again, he will forever be known as the King.


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