Scoop B: LeBron James, Anguilla, private flights to Van Nuys, CA Airport on June 30, the day before NBA free agency frenzy begins


The NBA’s top free agent, LeBron James is in the Los Angeles area.

**I’ll wait!**

No, it doesnt mean the Cleveland Cavalier is automatically signing with the Lakers, but it sure got folks up in arms.

This morning, I reported via Twitter that a source informed me that LeBron James was en route to Van Nuys, CA after leaving his vacation on the carrribean island of Anguilla.

A link hit the internet via Flight Aware, which tracked the flight. After further investigation and confirming with a source at Cleveland’s Hopkins Airport, James was in fact on that flight.

Moreover, Basketball Society Online has learned that the plane that James flew in on is through The Setai Miami’s Aviation Division owned by the Nakash family of Jordache Enterprises.

Furthermore, James flies either with Jet Edge or Talon Air. If you’re keeping score at home, the plane is currently for sale and has an asking price of $10.9 million.

Anybody need a private jet? It only costs $10 million!

L.A. Daily News’ Terek Fattal confirmed James’ safe landing via Twitter.

And here is James getting out of his vehicle.


The 2018 NBA free agency craze begins tomorrow, July 1. Teams and players can begin signing contracts on July 6.

Where is LeBron going ya’ll?!



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