LeBron James needs help and his teammates aren’t providing it

LeBron James and Stephen Curry

When you go up against a juggernaut like the Golden State Warriors, there’s no question that it’s going to require an all-around effort to take them down. But boy does the Cleveland Cavaliers have to do some soul searching going into Game 3.

If LeBron James goes into the locker room after this game going off on everyone, nobody can be mad. Game 2 showed the world that LeBron James cannot rest. LeBron came out aggressive attacking the basket, pushing the ball and making the right passes. However, when he went to the bench, the Cleveland Cavaliers looked lost.

The ball moved less, Cleveland became less aggressive, and the scoring was scarce. During this game, they were best when LeBron pushed the issue and they played through his aggression. Unfortunately, he has to play quarterback, lineman, and receiver for his team to have a chance. As crazy as it sounds, there shouldn’t be a possession that doesn’t go through him. With that being said, I’m not sure how much LeBron can sustain. With how much he has to do on offense in addition to the pace of Golden State’s offense, the energy of LeBron will be used to the max. His body language during Game 2 said everything.

Despite a sidekick by the name of Kyrie Irving, LeBron still has to put forth an enormous effort to give them their best chance. The Warriors have found a way to funnel Kyrie Irving and make everything tough for him. The defense of Klay Thompson has been stifling and Irving has had a problem with it. Klay’s length has been an issue for Kyrie and he has done a great job of getting into him and making him work for everything. In Game 1 Kyrie ended with 24 points, 10 for 22 from the field, and 4 turnovers. In Game 2, he had a mere 19 points, 8-23 from the field, and 3 turnovers.

Kevin Love and LeBron James played two of their best games and it still resulted in a 132-113 loss in Game 2. While Kyrie Irving deserves some blame, you also have to look at guys like J.R. Smith, Deron Williams, and Tristan Thompson who only combined for 13 points. Two guys can’t show up if the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to have a chance to win this series, better yet win a game. The offense has to run through LeBron James and the rest of his teammates have to look alive and well if they’re going to have a chance.


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