Larry Brown Not A Fan Of Sixers Rebuild


According to John Mitchell of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Larry Brown hates what’s going on in Philly and says “There are no basketball people in the organization.”


Larry Brown, former head coach of the Sixers, seems to be glad he’s not in Philadelphia anymore. Who can blame him? It normally takes a young coach who is a great teacher to stick around and teach a roulette of players. That being said, it looked like the Sixers had to undergo a tank job to escape their streak of mediocrity. The sins and bad contracts of the old management had to be erased and replaced by the new one, but Larry Brown went on record saying that this is disgusting. Here are the exact quotes:

“I hate what’s going on in Philly. They don’t have a basketball person in the organization. It makes me sick to my stomach.”

Brown was then asked if he would coach through a “tanking” rebuild project.

“No, I wouldn’t do it. We wouldn’t lose. Brett can coach, he’s one of Pop’s guys. But what they are doing to that city to me is mind-boggling. That’s the greatest basketball city in the world with its fans and you want them to sit back and watch you lose. Can you imagine telling Allen Iverson that this is a rebuilding season so we’re going to be bad on purpose? I love [Nerlens] Noel, I love Joel [Embiid]. But you can’t put that stuff into them. Again, it boggles my mind. I understand you have to get assets to get better. You get assets by developing young players, draft picks, and moving contracts. But how much teaching is going on?”

So, for all those fans who are against all of this tanking business, Larry Brown is right there with you. He may be correct in saying that this is brewing a losing attitude for the young guys, but it also could make General Manager Sam Hinkie look like a genius. Speaking of Sam Hinkie, Coach Brown even had some things to say about the analytics side of basketball:

“These analytics, they don’t mean squat to me. Throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks. To say that these analytics guys have the answer is crazy. It doesn’t apply to basketball. Everybody uses the data you get, but that’s what coaching is. Maybe it will work, I don’t know. But it’s a shame what those fans are going through waiting to see if it will.”

It’s not a surprise that he’s against analytics. That’s what you’re going to hear when you ask an old school coach about a new school tactic. You know when your parents say that they used to actually go out and socialize instead of staring at a computer or phone screen talking to people? That’s pretty much what Larry Brown is like with analytics. Darn kids and your newfangled, fancy technology!




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