Lakers Lair Ep. 9: Quarter mark evaluations


The NBA is an ever-changing league. Case in point is the Los Angeles Lakers who are currently fifth in the Western Conference with a 16-10 record through 26 games. At this point last season, the Lakers were 10-16 through 26 games. The Lakers would go onto to miss the post-season that year and would only achieve 25 more wins on the year. However, with the way the NBA can flip on its head, we just might see the Los Angeles Lakers in the post-season this year if the wins keep following them.

Before we dive into this episode, we’ll give you a little peek at how the first quarter of the season looked for the king himself, LeBron James.

Much like a typical NBA game is divided into four quarters, the NBA season can also be split up in a similar way. In this latest installment of the Lakers Lair, hosts BJ Boyer, and Randy King sat down to discuss some of the key areas and news surrounding the 16-time NBA Champion, Los Angeles Lakers at the quarter-way mark of the season. 

“I think every fan is feeling pretty high right now and riding a pretty big wave. The defense has stepped it up, JaVale McGee has played an enormous part of that. I am a little disapointed in Josh Hart this year so far, there were a string of games were he didn’t score so it’s always discorncering to see that. We are holding serve at home, we are 10-4 and we are not giving away that many games when we host teams. Overall, I give us a B+.” – Randy King

I am very content with the way they played. I am a big proponent of defense and the Lakers have seen a flip-flop to that, to start the year they were scoring a lot of points and giving up a lot of points and recently it seems that whenever they exceed 100 points it’s almost suprising. Kyle Kuzma is looking to impact the game in other areas besides scoring. I love what I have seen from Lonzo (Ball) defensively, picking up guys full-court, really threating guys on the defensive end using his size and insticts. Overall, I’m giving us a B+, and what’s funny to me is I don’t think this team has peaked yet.”  – BJ Boyer

Speaking of Ball on the defensive end, let us not forget how athletic he can be on the offensive end as well. The San Antonio Spurs and Jakob Poeltl now know that:

While the news about LeBron abandoning the playcalling of Luke Walton seems to have disappeared as quickly as it arrived, both King and Boyer would discuss whether or not it was news to be concerned over or not.

“I don’t really think that it’s much of a story, you have one of the sharpest basketball minds of all-time at your disposal, why not let him take over as he sees fit.” – BJ Boyer

Since the report had surfaced by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the Lakers clearly would silence all of the outside noise and go on to win five of their next six games. Call it ‘click bait’ or just a case of the big-time media pulling at straws to create something, whatever the case may be, Walton has done a good job at keeping those in the locker room together.

More topics were discussed in this episode including the impact that LeBron is having on the Lakers offense in the past few outings, essentially kickstarting the young core into gear and taking over games, as well as which match-ups the Lakers have ahead of them as the new year approaches. So relax, and welcome inside the Lakers Lair for another episode with the best Laker information in the land. Enjoy!


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