The Lakers are a couple of years away from having an All-Star

Jeanie Buss Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have been in the slumps for a couple of years now and this year was nothing different. Things started off great but once reality hit, the Lakers began to put the T in tank. However, while wins are very seldom, heads are being held high due to a promising young core. With three top 10 draft picks and a hopeful top 3 pick in the upcoming season, one can only think that things are going to turn around. Jeanie Buss is one of those people hoping to turn this organization back on the winning scale. She’s already started with wiping out all of the management staff bringing in Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka. Alongside winning, Buss is hoping to have an All-Star on the Los Angeles Lakers roster come next season.

“Next season Los Angeles is hosting the NBA All-Star game at Staples Center and I’m concerned we won’t have an All-Star on the team,

“That would break my heart.”

Sorry to tell you Jeanie Buss but your heart is going to be broken because the Lakers have a couple of years before their roster contains an All-Star. I love the young core that Los Angeles has put together but they’re just not ready yet. When you look at Jordan Clarkson, D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, and Brandon Ingram I just believe their inconsistencies are too high. Their level of play fluctuates and their numbers are unstable. In order to be an All-Star in this league, you have to find that consistency in your game to play at a high level on a regular basis and the numbers have to support that. Now I’m not saying that these guys will never be All-Stars. It’s simply just not their time yet.

Lakers Stats
The 2016-2017 stats of the four young players of the Los Angeles Lakers this season.

They still have to figure themselves out and figure out how to put it together on a night to night basis. Also, the competition in the Western Conference is absurd. There are so many great players in that conference that it will be difficult for these young guys to make it. Just take Damian Lillard for example. This is a guy that averaged 25.7 points, 5.8 assists. and 4.9 rebounds and still didn’t make the All-Star team. The level of competition is deep and it’s going to take a lot of improvement from these young guys if they’re going to make the All-Star team in the next couple of years. The only situation where I see the Los Angeles Lakers containing an All-Star next season is if they’re able to acquire a guy the by the name of Paul George during this offseason.


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