Lakers and Mavericks Frontrunners for JaVale McGee


DeAndre Jordan made headlines this off season when he commited to signing with the Mavericks, but had a sudden change of heart, and decided to stay with the Los Angeles Clippers. Since losing Jordan, the Mavericks have yet to find a big man to rely on. They signed backups Zaza Pachulia and Samuel Dalembert, and are now linked with the teams that are interested in signing big man JaVale McGee.

Another team that has interest in the NBA journeyman is the Los Angeles Lakers.

The signing of McGee for either of these teams would be a confusing move, in my opinion. For the Mavericks, as reiterated earlier, they have signed two back-up big men already and signing a unproven back-up that can not stay healthy wouldn’t be the best decision.

For the Lakers, it wouldn’t make sense for them to sign McGee due to the fact they signed Roy Hibbert this offseason. Along with this, they have plenty of othet big men on the roster in Julius Randle, Tarik Black, and rookie big man Robert Upshaw. If they signed McGee, it would be tough for him to get playing time on either roster.

If McGee wants to retain the good career he had what seems like only a couple years ago, he should probably go to a non contending team so his stats and talents can be more showcased.


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