Kyrie Irving – Finishing at the Rim

Kyrie Irving


Kyrie Irving has really been a wizard when it comes to finishing at the rim. We already knew of his ability to handle the ball, but the way he’s able to get buckets in the paint, over and around his defenders is the icing on the cake. When Irving goes up in the air and you think there isn’t any possible angle or shot he can get off, he makes the impossible look easy.

A few clips of how Kyrie makes finishing at the rim look easy. 

As Kyrie gets to the paint, he shows the ball a lot, which brightens the eyes of the defenders because they think a block is coming. Although, while he’s in the air, he inspects the situation and does a phenomenal job of adjusting to get a shot off. It’s amazing to see how Kyrie always knows where he is, in terms of his awareness around the rim. He uses the backboard so well and puts “English” on the ball to guide it in the rim. An aspect of basketball that’s not really taught at a young age, but is very important when finishing at the hoop. Kyrie Irving has put himself among the best in the league when it comes to scorers; and may just be the best finisher we have in this game today.


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