Kyle Guy Scouting Report

Kyle Guy

School: Virginia

Year: Junior

Height/Weight: 6’2, 168 lbs



Guy’s best ability is his ability to shoot the deep ball. His form is picture perfect and the thing that makes it special is how he releases it at the very peak of his jump shot as he really extends the ball up over defenders. His release is also very quick as he can get a shot off in a very short time.  Guy shot over 42% from three and 80% from the line in his college career which is normally a good sign for shooters going forward. Guy excels at running the baseline coming off of off ball screens for catch-and-shoot threes. He does a very good job of turning his initial foot to the basket when coming off a screen allowing his body to face the basket before his shot. UVA ran many sets where Guy would run through an “elevator door” screen that display this.

An underrated part of Guy’s game is his ability to pass. His assist numbers weren’t very high but he routinely keeps his head up looking for the open teammate. You’d often see him finding his bigs like Diakite for a lob as his defender steps over to take the drive away.

Guy is also a smart offensive player and can read as a pick and roll ball handler. In the scene below Guy comes off a pick from Jack Salt where M.J. Walker comes over top of it as Guy dribbles right he sees Koumadje about to come up to contest an open shot and fires a quick bounce pass to a rolling Salt for an easy lane to the hoop.

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He will need to be able to build his repertoire as a PNR ball handler if he wants to make an impact as more than just a C&S guy at the next level.

Guy has pretty good handles and rarely has it taken away from him in that aspect. He is more than just a shooter and if given space, can find a way into the lane for a one step mid-range jumper or to crossover and finish with either hand. He can be a tad bullish when attacking and isn’t afraid to attack in transition. He has a solid floater which will be crucial for him at the next level given that he is undersized and more than likely unable to get to the rim.



Guy’s biggest weakness is that he has a small frame and is limited physically compared to other guards. He is a hair over 6’2” and weighs only 167 pounds. In comparison, Steph Curry (6’3”) weighs 190 and Kemba Walker (6’1”) weighs 185. He is only an average athlete so with a small frame that puts him at a big disadvantage. It wouldn’t be a surprise for him to be posted up by bigger guards at the next level.

Guy’s perimeter defense is so-so at best as he puts effort but his 6’4 frame and lack of quickness allow for attackers to create space easily even if he gets his hand up. He often gets beat to the hoop by quicker guards as he lacks the quickness to keep perimeter attackers in front of him. This quickness also makes him iffy on getting around screens as UVA primarily switched. Due to his physical limitations he will succeed only if a coach can find a way to scheme him well on that end as Bennett did at UVA.

For Guy to make an impact at the next level, he needs to prove that he can be a true point guard and initiate an offense. In college he served primarily as an off-ball guard and I believe that can start in private workouts for him. I would personally like to see him try more pull-up threes as that could make him a greater threat from outside especially off of an on-ball screen.

The noticeable weakness from the combine scrimmages and in some of the film I watched was that Guy can be prone to turning the ball over. In one of the combine games he amassed five turnovers in his second scrimmage. While watching conference game film it is noticeable he would turn the ball over by making lazy passes that are easily avoidable if he would focus in on it a little more.


Future Outlook:

There is a role for shooters in the NBA and I firmly believe that. Guy offers C&S ability and while undersized, his quick release should spark some interest. He had an impressive combine logging double figures in both of the scrimmages and if he shows the ability to shoot off the dribble and run an offense he could carve out a role as a reasonable depth point guard at the next level. As of now Guy fits in the Late Second to UDFA range.


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