Ky Bowman Scouting Report

Ky Bowman

School: Boston College

Year: Junior

Height/Weight: 6’1, 190 lbs



We all know Ky as the former Alabama defensive back recruit. Having a football background on your pedigree is always a plus and you can see it in his game too as he plays like no one in front of him is going to get in his way.

Ky is a straight bucket-getter. He can give it to the defender in multiple ways off the dribble and can even attack the rim fiercely on occasion.

Ky is a tough shot maker. Whether it is from attacking the rim, hitting a step-back jumper, or drilling a three in a defender’s face, Bowman can frustrate the defense quite easily. He loves to go to his cross-over when in an iso and it’s just so quick that it catches his defender off guard.

Ky Bowman has no fear in getting his own offensively. No confidence issue for Ky Bowman who shoots a lot of three pointers consistently at a respectable clip. Along with his high volume scoring is his incredible rebounding ability as a guard. Ky Bowman is only listed at 6’1 and he will easily lead Boston College in rebounding this year.

What attributes to that? His ability to be in the right spots, be tough, and have elite athleticism.



Ky Bowman’s main weakness is his off-ball defense. When Ky is locked in and on-ball, he can be considered a very solid defender because of how well he moves his feet and uses his body to stay in front of the opposition. But, when he’s off-ball, he’s a completely different type of player.

Ky will often start to ball watch. It happens so often to the point that it is concerning and might not be something that he’ll completely be able to rid of when moving onto the next level. When BC is in the zone, they haven’t been hurt too badly since player’s won’t make those cuts as often with a big man in the middle when Bowman is asleep.

Along ball watching are his defensive instincts. Ky doesn’t always make the right decisions and sometimes even takes a little too long to make one.

Ky’s other main weakness is his shot selection. Boston College isn’t a great team, there’s no secret there, which has required Ky to take over games to try to get them a win. That has resulted in Ky Bowman attempting pretty wild shots at times to try to do it all for the team. We would love to see him be more of a playmaker for his teammates instead of taking some poor shot attempts. We are hoping that changes once he has better shooters and shot creators around him.


Future Outlook:

This would definitely seem like a good year for Ky to come out given this year’s weak point guard draft class. Ja Morant and Darius Garland seem like the clear top dogs this year, but then there’s definitely some room for others to move up. Tre Jones, Devon Dotson, Carsen Edwards, and Shamorie Ponds are just a couple names. Ky Bowman is one too.

Ky’s draft position will depend on how he finishes with Boston College this year. If he can somehow get them a good amount of respectable wins this year and gets his percentages up, we could see him falling in that late 1st round range. For now, he’s most likely a late 2nd round pick for a team. And they’ll be happy to find someone with his talent that far down the Draft.


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