Kobe Bryant calls Stephen Curry the toughest player to guard in the NBA


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Kobe Bryant has played against a lot of players in his day. He’s been on the NBA All-Defensive first team 9 times and the NBA All-Defensive second team 3 times, so when he says someone is the toughest player to guard, he’s more than likely right. Kobe was quoted in stating that Stephen Curry is the toughest player to guard in the NBA.

Coming from a guy himself, who used to be the hardest player to guard in the league, that’s a huge compliment. And this isn’t the first time Kobe gave the former MVP high praise. We saw a clever riddle come from Bryant’s twitter page last season, during the Western Conference Finals.

Curry is a wizard with the basketball. He can dribble circles around you and pull up from anywhere on the court. His ability to get to the basket is very underrated due to his great ability to shoot. Offensively he has the talent all around, that’s why I don’t see any discrepancy is what he said. It wasn’t rocket science! There are other names in the discussion like Russell Westbrook who’s an athletic beast, Kevin Durant who’s a 6’10 guard, or LeBron James who’s a freak of nature.

Although these names sound very enlightening in this conversation, Stephen Curry has raised his game to a new level. We hear the whole argument about getting physical with him but he’s so good and smart about using that over aggressiveness against his opponents. He’s just in a new stratosphere and it seems like he can’t do any wrong.


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