Kobe Bryant Answers Fan, “Count to Five”

Kobe Bryant

5 rings

Kobe Bryant joining social media has been one of the best things ever. People have never seen him so open and honest, and I think his true fans really enjoy that. As we know, with love comes hate and on twitter, people aren’t scared to express their minds; no matter what it is. One kid got the courage to ask Kobe a question about his so-called selfishness.

I’m not sure what warranted this question but I’m sure he wasn’t expecting Kobe to come back like he did.

That’s just Kobe being Kobe, having fun, being brutally honest but reminding people who he is. It’s hard to criticize someone that has won 5 times at the highest level and has had the career that Bryant’s had. One of the league’s best, he basically told the kid, “ask about me”.


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