Knicks officially enter the Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant sweepstakes

Kyrie Irving
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By now we’ve all seen the news about how the Knicks upended any Super Bowl talk by announcing a stunning trade.

In short, here are the details –

Knicks get: Dennis Smith Jr., Wesley Matthews, DeAndre Jordan, two future first round picks

Mavericks get: Kristaps Porzingis, Courtney Lee, Tim Hardaway Jr., and Trey Burke

So, what did the Knicks do? Simply put, they rid themselves of an unhappy, injured All-Star, and bad contracts. Oh, and they also got rid of these exciting plays:

In return, they acquired buyout candidates who’ll, in turn, create the cap space required to sign two max caliber free agents in the offseason. Ideally, the Knicks are setting themselves up to get a top 3 pick and hit a home run in free agency. However, things can go south quickly. They could max out the wrong two players and end up with, let’s say the 5th pick. Not only will that give them an unattractive trade chip, but they will also have set the franchise back several years with bad contracts.

Yes, this is all part of the Knicks process. However, the appeal to come to New York to play with Porzingis as opposed to a high draft pick can be the difference in who is interested come July.

Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Klay Thompson are some of the most coveted free agents to be. But with the Celtics, Nets, Clippers, and Lakers all in position to land big names, the Knicks can only hope to come out on top.

To put this in the most realistic perspective, this is all about Irving and Durant. They are the premier targets. Without those two superstars, the Knicks would consider this a failed trade and offseason.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant
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For the pessimists out there, the Knicks will keep “Knicking”. That consists of signing underwhelming players who never live up to their contract. It also means fully tanking but somehow not getting a top 3 pick.

For the optimists, the Knicks will acquire the cream of the crop and the number 1 pick. With a high pick and two future firsts from Dallas, the Knicks will be able to dangle trade packages to bring in a third star. Pair those 3 stars with a young explosive guard in Dennis Smith Jr. who can do things like this:

Fingers crossed Knicks fans. Your time may be coming soon. Then again, it might not.


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