Kevin Love’s interpretation of stepping over a player is absolutely correct

Kevin Love & LeBron James

LeBron James’s step-over of Draymond Green is the hot topic right now because it ultimately led to the suspension of Green in tonight’s possibly series-ending Game 5. Green has had previous incidents that acted as a domino effect but his reaction to James stepping over him was the last straw.

In his media availability yesterday, LeBron James pretty much downplayed the action, when asked about stepping over Draymond, basically saying that he was ‘trying to get back into the play‘:

But we all know, there were other options for LeBron during this play. He could’ve easily walked around him but he chose to walk over him which in return caused tempers to flare. He didn’t really see his actions as ‘intentional’ or ‘disrespectful’ but others feel differently.

His own teammate, Kevin Love voiced his opinion on stepping over another player which included:

“You don’t see it too much, but, yeah, I think it is looked at as a form of disrespect.”

Kevin Love is absolutely right in his assessment of the action of stepping over a player. We all know the underlying message that comes with stepping over another player and in those situations, it never ends well. It either leads to physical altercation or getting yourself put on multiple memes and in the history books as “the guy that got stepped over” — just ask Cavaliers coach, Tyronn Lue.

Allen Iverson & Tyronn Lue

Charles Barkley himself even backed Draymond Green in his reaction to LeBron James stepping over him, calling it:

“The most disrespectful thing you can do to a player that you knocked down.”

LeBron James is well aware of what he did and we all know it. But I give Kevin Love a lot of credit for admitting to the wrongness that comes along with stepping over someone. Now, whether James will like his statement is still to be determined.

Take a look back in the history book when Scottie Pippen dunked all over Patrick Ewing and stepped over him. Patrick Ewing didn’t like it too well: 


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