Justin Jackson Scouting Report

Justin Jackson

Date of Birth: March 25, 1995

Position: Small Forward

College: University of North Carolina

Measurements: 6’8, 193 lbs



Justin Jackson knows how to shoot the lights out. He’s got great form on the jumper and a quick release. As you can see in the video below, because of his quick release he doesn’t need much room to get the shot off:

The jab-step Jackson uses here is fantastic, it creates so much space for him. Jackson’s future at the next level seems to be as a 3 and D player. Those type of players are becoming very desirable for NBA teams given how important they are with the current style of play in the league.

Jackson is also a very serviceable defender. He moves his feet quite well and defended both 2s and 3s adequately at UNC. His perimeter defense is where he excels and should be considered one of the better defenders coming from this draft as long as he continues to get in the gym and put in the work.


Justin Jackson’s biggest weakness is his inability to drive to the basket at an elite level. It’s not that he doesn’t have the ball-handling skills to attack the basket, but that just simply isn’t his game. One reason for his lack of a slashing ability is because of his size.

Justin Jackson is only listed at 193 lbs (I even think that is generous) and he isn’t able to bully through the opposition to get to the rim because of his weight.


The team that ends up drafting Justin Jackson will be relying on the fact that his three-point shot translates to the league. If it does not, figuring that he doesn’t develop an elite ability to attack the rim, he will not be able to find a steady home in the NBA.

Interesting Stat:

Justin Jackson is the only player in the last 2 years to accumulate 700 PTS and 100 3PM while having a TOV% of below 10%.


Gordon Hayward

This is a bit of a bold comparison given how good Gordon Hayward has been in the league. But, from watching Hayward at Butler and Jackson at UNC, you can see some similarities. Both Hayward and Jackson are solid on both sides of the ball and have a great three-point shot.

There is a big difference between them and that is Hayward’s ability to drive through the lane. Jackson will need to work on that and his size if he wants to become nearly as good as Gordon Hayward.

Draft Prediction:

Between Picks 12 and 20


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