Justin Jackson can be a solid role player in the NBA

Justin Jackson

After putting the icing on their Redemption season, Justin Jackson of the North Carolina Tar Heels has agreed to enter the 2017 NBA Draft. It’s a great decision coming off of the solid season that he just endured. Jackson was a major part of what UNC did on both sides of the ball. He displayed his versatility on both ends and showed his ability to knock down the outside shot which may serve him well in this upcoming draft.

I don’t envision Justin Jackson as a big superstar in the NBA but I can definitely see him serving as a key role player on a winning team. My prediction is that he may get drafted somewhere in the late 1st round or maybe even early in the 2nd.

Justin Jackson Stats
Justin Jackson’s progression over his 3 years at North Carolina.

Jackson’s progression as a shooter has been a beauty to watch. Early in his career with North Carolina, it was clear that he had the gift to score but more so this year than ever, he took a leap with his diverse ways off getting his shot off. Roy Williams and staff put him in positions of coming off of screens, catch and shoot situations, as well as letting him create space off of the dribble.

When I watch Jackson, I see a lot of Klay Thompson in his game. I’m not saying his shot is as good as Thompsons’ but the way he moves without the ball and how he gets his shot off mimics that of Klay. Also, at 6’8” he has the length and versatility that can cause problems on the defensive side of the ball similar to Thompson. He has the ability to get his shot off quickly and he’s more than capable of knocking it down with a hand in his face. In this 3-point loving league, every team needs a spot up shooter and Justin Jackson can be that guy. While he still has a lot to work on, I truly believe he can serve as a solid role player in the NBA.


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