Roy Williams is leaving his mark on the North Carolina Tar Heels

Roy Williams

What Roy Williams has done for this school has been quite remarkable. He embarked on keeping this university at the top, always remaining in contention for a possible championship. Entering the walls Dean Smith built, Williams was surrounded by his shadow. Many questioned whether he could follow his greatness while Roy was trying to create a lane of his own. While he doesn’t believe he deserves to be in the conversation with Dean Smith, there’s no question that the comparison is warranted.

If you look at his career, the numbers speak for themselves: a record of 816-216, 3 ACC Championships, 76 tournament wins, 9 Final Fours and 3 National Championships = a career of greatness.

Williams has left his imprint on this organization. He has coached a widespread of NBA players who he’s assisted in growing and preparing them for the professional level. The three teams that he has taken to the mountain top have been a remarkable class. From guys like Raymond Felton and Marvin Williams to Danny Green and Ty Lawson to Joel Berry II and Justin Jackson, Roy Williams has been a part of some of the NCAA’s most memorable teams.

What I think his players respect about him the most is his down to earth personality. His players always talk about him wanting the best for them and talking to them rather than down on them. The players of UNC have really respected Roy Williams and the grasp that he has on the locker room is great. When you watch him interact with the team or celebrate alongside his players after games it’s really a fun thing to watch.

Roy Williams is a step closer to NCAA greatness. Mike Krzyzewski, Bob Knight, and John Wooden will always be there but with another championship, Williams is slowly rising in coaching hierarchy. Constantly being amongst the top teams in the best conference in the NCAA means something and his story is not done yet. Roy Williams will be around for years to come and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see another championship added to his resume in years to come.


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