Just My Take: Stephen Curry Heading For Top 5?

Stephen Curry
Ben Margot - AP

The other night we all watched Stephen Curry remind us that despite the Jimmy Butler saga or the Lakers/Rockets fight, the most electrifying event in basketball today is still in the Bay Area.

With so much going on in the offseason, many missed reports that Curry actually spent the summer working on his shooting, and called it the best summer of his career. The results of this work were available immediately in the pre-season, where Steph shot a blistering 56.9% from the field including a 51.9% mark from 3 without missing a free throw. He averaged about a point per minute and absurdly isn’t far off that pace even now a week into the regular season. He is taking and making more shots than he did during his unanimous MVP season.

At 30, Curry has played less than half the minutes of LeBron James and shows no signs of slowing down. If he is able to continue his rate of shooting, he will have more than double the attempts and makes of the next best person on the list. His shooting has no peers and has served as the beacon of new age basketball, where sharpshooters exist at all five positions.

With such a huge statistical advantage in scoring to matchup with multiple rings and an MVP already, is Stephen Curry realistically going to end up in the conversation for one of the GOATs on the NBA Mt. Rushmore? With a few more championships, the discussion is a lot closer than you may think.


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