VIDEO: Julius Randle flashes improved jumper after day one of training camp

Los Angeles Lakers, Julius Randle
(Photo by John McCoy/Los Angeles News Group)

Los Angeles Lakers forward Julius Randle is not an inept jumper-shooter.

Randle was 33-130 (25.4%) on shots ranging from 16-24 feet, including a grim 10-36 (27.8%) behind the arc. On anything that qualified as a jumper by standards, Randle shot 26.2%. He recognized that he needed to make some alterations in that area in order to maximize his potential as a player, and the second-year big flashed some of his “improved” range after day one of Los Angeles’ training camp in Santa Barbara. 

I put improved in quotation marks because even as a Lakers fan, I’m not sure how many shares of this stock I’m purchasing just yet. It’s comforting to see Randle take and make a shot he shied away from last season, but it’s also just practice. This is what training camp does when you’re starved for basketball. It makes you want to believe in things that could very well be a basketball mirage. 

With that being said, his form looks a little cleaner and just seeing the shot go in is sure to bolster Randle’s confidence. If Randle can sustain this type of shooting throughout training camp, preseason and the opening stages of the season, we can point to this video as the beginning of Julius Randle’s maturation as a jump-shooter. 


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