Joel Berry II Scouting Report

Joel Berry

Name: Joel Berry II

School: North Carolina University

Year: Senior

Height/Weight: 6’0”, 195 lbs



Joel Berry II is a solid player who has some traits of a traditional point guard. He’s very strong with the ball and isn’t fazed much when faced with pressure. He’s confident with the rock and very poised. Berry does a great job at controlling pace and understanding the speed of the game. Whether he gets the rebound or he receives the outlet pass, Joel Berry II is always looking up the floor and doesn’t hesitate to start the break. He’s a willing passer who’s always looking for the open guy.

Joel Berry’s shot is his biggest strength. He’s a very strong three-point shooter off the catch. He won’t hesitate and even with a hand in his face, he’s more than willing to pull up for the shot. Berry is great at passing the ball and relocating to get his shot off. He’s very confident in his shot and knows his capabilities as a shooter.

Don’t sleep on his penetration skills either. Joel Berry II can and will put the ball on the floor and make his way to the basket. He picks his spots when he wants to go but when he sees an opening, he will get to the basket.

He also has a solid mid-range pull-up game as well. He’s not a guy who’s going to pound the ball a lot. Berry dribbles the ball with a purpose so most of the time when it comes to getting his shot off, it’s either a one or two dribble pull-up jumper.



Joel Berry II needs some work defensively. While he’s an active defender who’s not afraid to apply pressure against his opponent, he has slow feet as an on-ball defender. The guards of the NBA are quick and will blow by you in a heartbeat. Berry doesn’t change direction and react as quick as we would like him to.

Also, he’s a very small point guard. With big guards in the league like John Wall and Russell Westbrook who have the capability of posting up their opponent, it makes a small guard like Berry an easy target.

Another weakness for Joel Berry II is his ability to create his own shot. He’s not one to dance with the ball or break his defender down. Berry is more of a North/South dribbler rather than an East/West dribbler. During his time with UNC, a lot of his points have come off of catch and shoot situations.

Future Outlook:

This is a big year for Joel Berry II. A lot will be asked of him with Kennedy Meeks, Isaiah Hicks, and Justin Jackson gone. The bulk of the scoring came from those three guys so being more of a go-to guy will be upon Berry’s shoulders. He benefited from playing off of those guys and whether he can take on that load will be something that will be heavily evaluated during this upcoming season. He’s definitely a guy who I believe can be a backup point guard in the league, but he needs to prove it this year.

Potential Draft Position:

2018 2nd round pick


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