Jimmy Butler may want to re-think staying with the Chicago Bulls

Jimmy Butler, Chicago Bulls
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Butler has been in the middle of a few trade possibilities as of late. Mainly trades featuring the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics. There was a slight possibility of him joining forces with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, who he played with in Rio in last summer’s Olympics, to contend with the juggernaut in the Bay Area. However, the fantasies of that combination occurring in Cleveland may have ended.

Jimmy Butler may want to reconsider this decision. Looking at his current situation with the Chicago Bulls, entering his 7th season, a change might be in his best interest basketball wise. He’s 27 and looking at the landscape of this current team, they’re years away from a championship.

For one their roster doesn’t have enough talent. An aging Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo combined with an inconsistent Nikola Mirotic is not going to get you deep in the playoffs. Also, they have two extremely talented teams in the Eastern Conference who they would have to topple over.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are coming off their third straight NBA Finals and I don’t see a team in the Eastern Conference that can alter their route. Not unless it’s the Boston Celtics who can make a move to acquire a guy that can impact the game heavily. Cleveland is looking for a piece to help them combat the Golden State Warriors while the Celtics are looking for a guy that can help them take down the Cavaliers and the Warriors.

Jimmy Butler is that piece. He has the offensive game and the defensive tenacity that heavily helps both teams rise toward a possible championship. Chicago is far away from that. Butler may lose the title of being the “main guy” if he goes to Cleveland or Boston but on the other hand, he’s closer to that championship than ever before. So he has to factor in what means more.

We’re in a league now where you have to join forces. Kevin Durant and Golden State have formed a lethal weapon and it has the league in a frenzy. Jimmy Butler has the opportunity to make things interesting and I think it would be a wise decision for him to join one of those two teams.


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