Jimmer Fredette trained with Chauncey Billups in the offseason

Jimmer Fredette

Jimmer Fredette was a superstar at the collegiate level, dropping buckets on each and every team on the schedule. But things changed once he reached the NBA and Fredette hasn’t lived up to much of the hype many expected. Since entering the league, we’ve seen him on many teams such as the Sacramento Kings, Chicago Bulls, New Orleans Pelicans and now the San Antonio Spurs.

Although he has struggled lately, the Spurs may be the change of scenery that he needs. Gregg Popovich is known for making stars and solid role players out of mediocre talent. The Spurs like to run a fluent offense that often shoots a lot of threes and with the absence of Marco Belinelli due to free agency, Fredette can step into that role and become an immediate impact. In a system where he’s not asked to do much, the pressure is off, and it’s all about just doing what’s asked and making the most out of the opportunity.

Someone that can help him with that is Chauncey Billups. In a recent interview with CBS Sports, Fredette discussed his workouts with Billups over the summer and how that came about.

What did you take away from working with Chauncey Billups this summer?

Fredette: That was awesome. Chauncey is such a great guy. I was grateful that he took the time to come out and to help me work on some different things. Mainly little things he’s learned throughout his career that could just help me that much more to help my career overall.

How did that come about? Did he reach out or did you?

Fredette: I live and work out in Denver in the offseason. He reached out to me and said that anytime you want to come over to my gym, I would be willing to help you out. So I pounced on it of course. Just the opportunity to learn from one of the best was awesome.

Very smart move by Fredette to take advantage of this opportunity. Chauncey Billups is a smart point guard that made his name by making big shots. Even though he bounced around the league throughout his career, he made a big impact when he played for the Detroit Pistons, where he earned a championship and was named Finals MVP. This guy knows his basketball and learning from a guy like Billups could be a big boost for Jimmer.

Here’s a clip of Chauncey Billups showing Jimmer Fredette how to get his shot off after coming off a pick. 

I’ve been a Jimmer Fredette fan since he was lighting it up at BYU and when he entered the league, I was rooting for him. I’m hoping this move to the Spurs, along with working beside a great leader like Billups, can get him back on his feet and keep him in the NBA.


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