Jarron Cumberland Scouting Report

Jarron Cumberland

School: Cincinnati

Year: Junior

Height/Weight: 6’5, 205 lbs



Cumberland is a versatile two-way player that can be relied on to produce on both ends of the floor. He is an excellent defender and can guard multiple positions thanks to a strong combination of size and quickness. He has great off-ball movement and has proven to be great coming off of screens. In this specific play, you”ll see Jarron run baseline and curl off of the screen effectively well to hit the shot.

He’s obviously fading away, but seems to have solid balance when taking the shot which as a good indicator of a solid jump shooter. We can see that he has solid form on his jump shot and is a capable three-point and pull-up shooter. Jarron is one of those guys where if he starts hitting them, he’s generally not going to miss.

His strength and ball handling skills also allow him to get into the lane fairly easily. We haven’t been able to seen him use his left too much as he loves going to that right hand, but as he does start to use it more, it will only expand his game offensively.



Cumberland still has a ways to go offensively, as he needs to improve on his consistency and decision making. In the 2018-19 season opener versus Ohio State, he took a while to get going offensively and forced some bad shots early when things weren’t going his way. He also got stuck driving the lane several times in that game and was forced into making bad passes, resulting in four turnovers to just two assists. We’ll see as the season goes on if he can avoid making those mistakes.

His stature is also a weakness. What is his position? We’ve asked ourselves this very question quite often as we don’t know where exactly he’d fit at the next level. He has solid ball handling skills, but not of the caliber of a go to point forward. And his playmaking ability isn’t something to write home about. This leaves us with the thought that he’s a 3, but him being 6’5 makes us hesitate to say that definitively.


Future Outlook:

Jacob Evans and Gary Clark are gone, and he is now the go-to guy at Cincinnati and has had to carry a much bigger load offensively than he did in his first two seasons. In our first view of his expanded role, Cumberland struggled early but finished very strong late in the loss to Ohio State. In that game, he spent the majority of the first half on the bench after picking up two quick fouls. He came out in the second half anxious to make some plays, and this resulted in a couple of forced shots and turnovers. However, once he finally hit a jumper off of a curl screen and got a transition layup, he settled down and played much smarter and with more efficiency. He hit some big shots down the stretch and has continued to show us that he wants to be the guy with the ball at the end of games. There is no question he still needs to show scouts and us more on the offensive end this season, but his ability to shake off his rough start and play well and with confidence down the stretch is a good sign going forward. Cumberland is an intriguing prospect who can play his way into the draft if he’s able to clean up his decision making and shoot the ball with more consistency this season.


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