Inside the Move: No-dribble Pull Back

James Harden and Stephen Curry

An in-depth look at the Society’s Move of the Week

This week’s move is the week is the no-dribble pull back into a shot which is an extension of the regular pull back. It’s a move that gets defenders flying and is known for breaking ankles. When performing the move, the ball-handler sets up the defender and acts as if they’re driving hard to the basket. However, they quickly pull the ball back, forcing their defender to act in the original direction, creating space for an open shot. This is a move that can be done off the dribble while dribbling to the basket and pulling back or out of the triple threat position, with a hard jab to the basket into the pull back.

Keys to the Move:

  • Don’t drag you’re pivot foot. Performing a no-dribble pull back is a bit different than performing a pull back with a dribble. When doing the no-dribble pull back, the back foot of the ball-handler must stay planted because it acts as the pivot foot. When going full-speed in one direction, your momentum is going to want to carry you in that direction making it easy to drag that foot so it’s imperative to practice this move while focusing on keeping that back foot planted so you are not traveling.
  • Feet set, balance, shoot! Like any move, you always want to get the best out of it by making the following shot so its important to make sure all of your mechanics are correct going into the shot. While practicing, perform it slow at first and make sure to provide extra focus on having your feet set when coming out of the move and maintaining balance going into your shot. As you gradually get better and faster at the move, you will have your defender flying past you as you give yourself the best chance at making the jumper.

The pull back is a well known killer especially when you’re known as a slasher. When teams are trying to stop you from getting to the basket, one pull back can create  an enormous amount of space. The pull back with a dribble is more common but they are both equally effective. James Harden is well known for this move and its so predictable but with his candid ability to get to the rim, defenders have to play him honestly which is why he can beat guys with the pull back.

The pull back is performed by guards all across the globe at all levels. Some of the best at it are Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul but one guy that must be acknowledged in this discussion is the great Dwyane Wade. He has embarrassed a lot of defenders doing this move and his latest victim was a young guard in Langston Galloway. I hope Galloway checked his ankles after this!!


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