Hinkie Says Sixers Will Be More Aggressive in Free Agency


Sam Hinkie took over the Sixers in 2013, and honestly, has not done anything exciting in free agency since then. The goal the past few seasons was to build through the draft. Whether that has worked in their favor or not remains to be seen.

Regardless, we know the Sixers haven’t been agressive over the past summers and it seems like GM Sam Hinkie may be changing that.

In an interview on The Lowe Podcast, Hinkie was asked what they plan to do this offseason, especially in free agency.

“We haven’t invested in a big way in that yet,” said Hinkie at the 47-minute mark of the podcast

(CBS Philly).

“But we have put ourselves to be in a spot as good a cap position as any team in the league. And I think we’ll be more aggressive this summer than we have in the past. We may end up going out and spending 10 times or 15 times more than we have in the last three years combined.”

This is where Jerry Colangelo comes into play. Who knows what Hinkie would have done this summer if he was advising this whole thing on his own. Instead, with Colangelo, the Sixers will be aggressive, and getting this “process” to move faster than ever.

Types of players to keep in mind for the Sixers this summer:

They need to look for a mid-tier free agent to surround their young talent like Nerlens Noel and Jahlil Okafor. It may be worth the wait to have all three big men (Embiid, Okafor, Noel) be on the same roster for a season. You need to see what Embiid is worth and if he is worth the risk.

Who could the Sixers have interest in? Two players come to mind that could make a big impact on the Sixers next season. Bradley Beal and Mike Conley. Bradley is a restricted free agent and Conley is an unrestricted free agent. The Sixers could offer them some big contracts that they may not be able to refuse.

But are they willing to step into a situation that is Philadelphia?



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