Shaq: Dwight Howard and Orlando reunion could ‘definitely work’

Shaquille O'Neal, Dwight Howard

Shaquille O’Neal, fresh off of getting the nod for the Hall of Fame, now thinks that the a potential reunion between the Orlando Magic and Dwight Howard could work out and be a good thing for both parties.

Via Calvin Watkins of ESPN:

“I think it would be good for the city,” O’Neal said Monday of Howard returning to Orlando. “First of all, after the first time he left, letting a big young guy get away, it shouldn’t happen a second time. All the puzzle [pieces] have to fit.”

“If you have respect for one another, I think you have to delete the word differences ’cause business is always going to be business,” O’Neal said. “The DeVos family [which owns the Magic] I have respect for. It can definitely work, as a general manager and owner we’re not just going to be bringing people back, we’re trying to get to that next level. If that guy can’t get us to the next level, then it don’t make sense.”

Given the history of the relationship between Shaq and Howard, this sounded very interesting at first. Shaq is actually endorsing a move for Howard that would land him back in Orlando, and he’s saying that it would be a good look for both of them? No one would have predicted that while Shaq was still saying that there is only one “Superman” and ripping Howard at any chance possible.

Now, after the two talked and Howard hired Shaq’s agent, this seems like it’s a nice step in the new friendship that these two are developing. There have been talks about these two being in commercials together, and if Howard does go back to Orlando, maybe he’ll owe any success to Shaq’s support. Either way, the most exciting news here is the possible hilarious Gold Bond commercial that the two big men could put together.


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