Have the Pelicans put enough support around Anthony Davis?


At the age of 23, most would agree that Anthony Davis still has not hit his prime. He has been in the league since 2012 and has drastically improved his game every season.

The problem is, he has basically had zero help when it comes to the support around him. From players like Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans to Jrue Holiday and Omer Asik, it seems like every player that is put around Davis, can not seem to stay healthy.

The Pelicans regressed last season as they missed the playoffs by a huge margin with a record of 30-52, so they set out to get some young players to help Davis as it seemed like he was the only player on that roster that was able to carry the load of this franchise. Solid acquisitions like Terrence Jones and Solomon Hill can help improve the Pelicans bench, and a young draft pick in Buddy Hield makes for solid pieces for this team.

The stigma that hurts the Pelicans is that they just are not an attractive franchise to free agents at the moment. Davis is obviously a great player to be around, but it seems that they are still stuck in a rut as to where the franchise moves from here.

With Buddy Hield set to play this season, it will be interesting to see what type of offensive ability he can bring to the table. He is young, but if he can produce points at the guard position, it will take a lot of burden off of Davis.

Since Davis has entered the league, only James Harden has accounted for a higher percentage of team wins than him, which goes to show how much he has been relied on since entering the league.

Will it change this year for the Pelicans? It is a wait and see on who steps up offensively besides Davis. In a Western Conference that is loaded with talent, it is going to take a lot of improvement to be able to get out of the basement, but getting solid veterans and establishing young talent at the guard position is a start.


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