Flashback Friday: Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan display their clutchness


Here’s a look back into a regular season game where Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan come in clutch for their respective teams down the late stretch of a game. Duncan gets off a tough running hook shot in the paint in which he should’ve gotten an ‘and-one’ call and Kobe comes down and answers back with a dagger of his own behind the three point line. The San Antonio Spurs ended up winning the game with a late basket from Roger Mason.

Tonight will be the last time that these two will go head to head on the hardwood. They played different positions but they’ve seen each other multiple times in the regular season and the playoffs over this twenty year span. Although we love to compare the careers of these two, what must not be overlooked is their impact and dominance over the past two decades. These guys led a generation and inspired many kids to want to participate in the game of basketball. I’m sure tonight will be a night that they’ll cherish as they battle for one last time.  

Check out this vintage Sprite commercial of Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant early in their careers with the assistance of the legend that is Missy Elliot.



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