Flashback Friday: David Robinson scores 71 points vs. the Clippers


April 24th, 1994 was 11 years ago to the day. On this date, David Robinson would enter the final game of the regular season for the San Antonio Spurs seeking 33 points to beat out Shaquille O’Neal for the scoring title. He did just a little more than that.

David Robinson finished with 71 points. Robinson started the game double-teamed. Most terrific performances occur with double teams coming late in games, but Robinson dealt with the pressure all night long. He took the added pressure to drive him to do something incredible.

For those who weren’t old enough yet to watch David Robinson, just know that he had a very similar impact in the NBA as did Tim Duncan (I mean he mentored Duncan so you should expect that).

Watch Robinson’s historic game, one of the greatest performances in NBA History we are allowed to re-live.


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