Fisch’s Friday Rant: Obvious Comments and Vanderbilt


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Hopefully you sang that in the tune of the actual song that they play during Christmas and in those terrible back to school commercials. Anyway, it’s Friday, and March Madness has already officially started!

First things first, we got to get some things straight with some of the obvious comments getting thrown around these days. First Kyle O’Quinn says he’s frustrated after the New York Knicks lose again. Well, they’ve lost a lot this season, 42 times to be exact. So, why is he all of a sudden frustrated now? Then, there’s J.J. Redick saying that the Los Angeles Clippers stink. We all can kind of see that too, J.J.

Finally, we have a little talk about all this madness in March. Vanderbilt was just so close, but so far away. They had it all but wrapped up, and then mental mistakes arose to ruin the day. That’s a damn shame…


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