Fisch’s Friday Rant: Let Russ Be Russ

Fisch's Friday Rant
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Russell Westbrook seems to be one of the hottest topics of the offseason. Even though Kevin Durant has moved on to the Golden State Warriors, a lot of eyes will be on Westbrook. Many people expect him to get to the level of MVP this season while others believe he is not fit to run an entire team by himself on the court. So, it was time to talk about whether or not I agree with Westbrook getting to that MVP level.

Also, as I mentioned before, Kevin Durant did go to the Warriors and we all know they have some firepower already. However, there should be plenty of shots to go around for this team. My reasoning behind why I think they’ll mesh just fine are also in this episode.

Finally, to wrap things up, I wanted to talk a little Philadelphia 76ers. Can you think of a team in NBA history that has ever had a completely different starting five from the season prior and not lost a single person from the previous starting five?

Check out the episode below:


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