There are more than enough shots to go around in Golden State

Stephen Curry Golden State
Stephen Curry via TechCrunch

Everybody is wondering how the Golden State Warriors will manage the shots and the egos next season after the acquisition of Kevin Durant. Just this past season, the roles and production from Klay Thompson and Draymond Green have tremendously increased. So when you add another top 5 player in the NBA, you have to wonder how things will pan out.

The “Big 4” of the Warriors have been downplaying the so called chemistry problems that they will face this season. They all believe chemistry, shot selection, and sacrificing won’t be a problem. Although it’s easy to say now, we won’t really know until the season starts. However, at a tech event in Silicone Valley, Stephen Curry was adamant about things working out this season (via Ananth Pandian of

“It’s going to work,” Curry said about the addition of Durant during a private fundraiser at TechCrunch Disrupt on Tuesday for the Africa-based malaria-prevention campaign Nothing but Nets he works with. “It’s going to be a huge transition. But I would say we had such a great dynamic with the ‘Strength in Numbers’ and the depth that we had on our team and obviously we had to give up a lot of that to get KD, so it will be a different way of going about our style.

“There are plenty of shots to go around,” Curry continued. “There are plenty of opportunities for everybody to shine. And obviously for us, we have healthy egos and that we all think, you know, we’re the best player, we’re confident when we go out there. But the only real objective is to win and if we don’t win, we know what that feeling’s like now and we don’t want that feeling.

“It will work. It will take some time to get in training camp to figure out.”

It will definitely take time and a bit of sacrificing but I don’t really see a problem on the offensive side of the ball. With their rapid ball moving style of offense, everyone will get touches and wide open looks. Where things may get fishy are in situations where they have to determine who they play through and who takes the last shot at the end of quarters and games. That’s where there can be some disagreements but overall, I see everyone getting their fair share of touches.

Statistically, if you look at their numbers last season the Warriors took 87.3 shots per game which ranked 3rd in the NBA. Amongst the “Big 4” (I’m sticking with this name), Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant were in the top 5 in shot attempts per game while Klay Thompson ranked 14th and Draymond Green wasn’t even in the top 25.

Stats via

When you add up their totals, they takes up 76.5% of the shots and with so much talent, that’s not a bad thing coming from those 4 guys. I don’t see a situation where at least one of them is not on the floor. There’s more than enough shots to go around and I believe that each player will have their fair share of opportunities.


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