Fisch’s Friday Rant: Thank You BasedGod


basedgod curse

Lil B and the BasedGod Curse

So, here we are, on the cusp of another Finals. Another year that Kevin Durant won’t be winning a title, and a year where we saw James Harden break the record for most turnovers in a single playoff game. What do these two occurrences have in common? Both of these players were given the BasedGod Curse by the man himself, Lil B.

Why was James Harden cursed? Well the cooking dance that he’s been doing all season was taken from Lil B. So, Lil B cursed him for the rest of the playoffs before game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. Harden went on to have a great game in game 4, but the curse was not going to be beaten. We all know what happened in game 5. James Harden had a disastrous game and ended up breaking the turnover record. Lil B was in attendance and he followed up the game with this tweet:

The Cavs then almost were cursed as well. LeBron, Kyrie, Shumpert, JR Smith, and Perkins were doing the cooking dance in the hot tub after their Eastern Conference Finals victory. Lil B sent out a warning to these guys:

Thinking on his feet, Iman Shumpert apologized to Lil B before he could put the curse on them for the Finals. He accepted the apology from Shumpert, but he still had his doubts about LeBron, Kyrie, and JR. Based on his tweets, it looks like Lil B doesn’t really like LeBron, and that could be bad for the Finals. 

Not only players have been trying to get on Lil B’s good side though. After everyone saw what the curse was capable of, NBA teams took to twitter to follow Lil B and thank him for not cursing them. He thanked every one of them that followed like he did the Sixers:

This is honestly amazing to me. Lil B has some kind of genius that people didn’t know about when he first came onto the scene. First known as a rapper, and now he’s sort of a jack-of-all-trades. Lil B has given lectures at colleges like UCLA, and he’s been giving back to communities as well. He’s reached tons of people from old to young and he finds ways to always stay relevant and stay on everyone’s mind.

I remember watching him in the XXL Freshman Cypher, and then all of a sudden he’s putting curses on NBA players and he’s all over ESPN. I really want to learn how he does it all and reaches so many outlets. He has pretty much created his own culture in the matter of around 3-4 years. 

So, I ask you this BasedGod; please bless the Basketball Society in our journey to the top! TYBG!


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