PODCAST – Fisch’s Friday Rant: Mamba Out

Fisch's Friday Rant
Property of Basketball Society

There’s plenty of topics to rant about this week on the new Fisch’s Friday Rant. We’ve seen history, a legendary farewell, and then some more of the ordinary as well.

The Golden State Warriors completed the historic regular season run. They wrote their names into the history books, but will it all be worth it if they don’t win a ring? Kobe Bryant gave us all a tremendous farewell, and went out like only the Mamba could. A 60-piece with a side of fries and a large soda!

Back to the ordinary, the Sacramento Kings are in the midst of yet another coach hunt. They let good ones go and hire bad ones, so do the owners need replaced for them to finally get on the right path? Also, there will now be ads on jerseys and everyone is freaking out. They’re not that big of a patch, relax people!


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