Emmitt Williams Scouting Report

Emmitt Williams

School: LSU

Year: Freshman

Height/Weight: 6’6, 225 lbs.



There is an unspoken checklist of player archetypes every contending team should have. Every team needs a player that elevates the level of play of his teammates through sheer energy, passion and toughness. Examples of these kinds of players are Dennis Rodman, Marcus Smart, Draymond Green, and Patrick Beverley. These players play with unmatched intensity and are extremely positive without the ball in their hands. Players like this can turn the tide of a playoff series and play a vital role for any title contender.

Emmitt Williams is a player that has an impact that is not shown in the stat sheet, as he does all of the little things to help his team win and passes the eye test as far as impact is concerned. He runs the floor hard, using his athleticism to beat opposing players down the court for easy points.

Williams does not think twice about diving for loose balls and is always the first one to the ground to recover them, and always the first to dive into the stands with total disregard for his body to save the ball for his teammates. This kind of unselfish play is something that can not be taught or developed, it is just an innate part of who he is as a competitor.

Emmitt is a phenomenal athlete he can out run most power forwards in a straight line and shows flashes of lateral quickness that make him a potential piece of a switching defense. Although undersized Williams plays a lot bigger than his 6’6 body would suggest, he is physical, strong, plays with a lot of energy, hustles on top of his top end athleticism.

On offense, Williams is a threat on the offensive glass, using is strength, leaping ability and tenacity to attack the boards relentlessly and get his team extra possessions. Williams is a devastating transition player due to his ability to quickly run the floor and finish above the rim.



Emmitt is an older freshman, turning 21 years old this year which severely limits his upside as an NBA prospect.

Williams is not a good offensive player. At 6’6, he has little to no perimeter skills and will find a hard time carving a role out on offense at the next level. Most of his points come from within the paint where he overpowers and can jump over the top of smaller, weaker college defenders. In the NBA, he will have a hard time finishing among the trees due to his limited physical tools.

He processes the game slowly and does a poor job making plays for his teammates. Due to the game coming to him a bit slower, he often times commits turnovers or takes ill advised shots when a teammate had a better one.

Defensively, Williams bites on everything and goes for blocks that he does not have a chance of getting, which pushes him out of rebounding position which leads to him getting into foul trouble and giving up offensive rebounds.

Most NBA teams want as little off-court problems as possible when it comes to their young draft picks. Emmitt comes with some baggage seeing as he was arrested in a case of sexual battery and false imprisonment because according to the police affidavit, he forced a woman to have sex with him in her apartment on Oct 10.


Future Outlook:

As an older, short, undersized forward/center prospect, getting drafted will be an uphill battle for Williams, especially with his criminal history. However, there is an avenue for Williams to succeed. Gaining a jump shot and improved ball handling will allow him to leverage his straight line speed against opposing big men and use his strength to bully smaller defenders at the next level.

As of right now, I have Emmitt Williams going undrafted and hope for him to return to LSU.


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