Lakers Lair Ep. 27: The King, a Laker for Life?


With all NBA players, as well as people across the world, being asked to quarantine inside their homes due to COVID-19 aka the coronavirus, social media has been more active than usual. One Los Angeles Lakers player known for his presence on social media is none other than ‘The King’ LeBron James.

In the 29 minute Instagram live video, James had much to say with topics ranging from which TV show he enjoys more (to which he said is tied between “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and “Martin”) to his thoughts on the NBA suspension. The one statement made by James that perked up several Lakers fans ears is when he said:

A Laker for Life. You heard it from the man himself.

In this episode of the Lakers Lair, host Randy King and special guest and The Atlantic Files own Alex Fischbein, discuss these comments from James along with how long the shelf life of his career in purple and gold will last.

“The moment he selected a team after his last stint with cleveland…I was 99% certain that was gonna be the team that he was gonna stick with for the rest of his career .” – Alex Fischbein

“If you’re telling me that lebron james with how he trains that he can’t play into his forties, you’re crazy.” – Randy King

Several other talking points in this episode included:

  • Will we see the NBA return before summer arrives?
  • Are the Lakers the best overall team in the NBA?
  • Breaking down the Lakers weakness.

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