Megan Walker AAC Player Of The Year

Megan Walker
Photo Credit: Mark Zaleski / Associated Press

With the program’s legends Katie Lou Samuelson and Naphessa Collier graduating last spring, Megan Walker has taken a larger role for the UConn Huskies. Just a year ago, Walker was a role player only averaging 12 points per game and now she has transformed into being the top scorer for the Huskies.

Walker has played like an All-American this season. She has always been a good player, but when playing behind two players such as Lou Samuelson and Naphessa who averaged about 40 points together for the Huskies, we saw what kind of player she was going to be. We have witnessed Walker taking over games by being a leader. She plays the game with so much confidence, leading her to averages of 19.7 points and 8.4 rebounds per game. She did this while shooting 47.7% from the field while also shooting a touch above 45% from deep.

Walker can score from 3 point range, with her pull-up jumper, or down-low in the paint, from all three levels. She is a scorer and it helps that she has become more physical in her playing style. Each year Walker’s points have increased as well as her shooting percentages. When watching her play, you can see when Walker is on, and when she’s on no one can stop her.

Furthermore, improving her game last off-season has not gone unnoticed and taking on the bigger role Walker produced for her team is the reason they are 16-0 in their conference. Walker played well this season, but has had her struggles in games like any other player. When UConn faced off against Oregon, she only had 8 points that game and shot 3-16 from the field. That off-game from Walker motivated her to go out and play harder against Memphis the next time out where she had 26 points and shot 11/17 from the field.

Giving the team whatever they need is exactly what Megan Walker does. She is a special player. Rebounding, passing, scoring, being a screener, she does it all and this is the player who has been named the AAC Player Of The Year.

Unfortunately, because we weren’t able to get the Tournament run from Megan Walker and her UConn Huskies, that will be it for her in college. She was only a Junior, but she declared for the WNBA Draft. She’s an incredible talent and should have an excellent career in the WNBA for wherever she lands.


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