Dylan Windler Scouting Report

Dylan Windler

School: Belmont

Year: Senior

Height/Weight: 6’8, 200 lbs.



Dylan Windler has had one heck of a career at Belmont. Each year, he has shown us more and more and has continued to improve. Now, as a senior, he’s one complete ball player with a versatile offensive game.

Dylan has no problem using either of his hands when driving to the basket or passing. It seems as though he actually prefers to pass with his right. He’s more than adequate in both of these facets and has his eyes up at all times.

His ball handling isn’t elite by any means, but good enough for the shooter that he is.

Speaking of his shooting, Windler is one of the best spot up three point shooters in the nation. He’s more than comfortable with pulling up off one or two bounces, but his bread and butter is definitely the catch and shoot variety. He’s great and moving off ball and relocating to open spots to create a passing lane for the primary initiator.

He’s also made it clear that he has deep range on that jumper. Rarely do you see Windler hugging that three point line on his jump shots.

Another phenomenal part of Windler’s game is his rebounding. He’s not super athletic, but he has great length and timing on his jumps. Most of his rebounds seem to actually come from tip outs. They aren’t just random tip outs, as they are usually targeted to a teammate back out at the top of the key or even sometimes just to one of his big men sitting on the block.

Dylan’s a very selfless player. He rarely forces anything and is always about creating space on the floor for his teammates and letting the man with a mismatch or most space to operate.



Dylan’s main weakness is his defense. Quite often you’ll see the opposition run his man off of multiple screens because of his ineffectiveness to keep up with him. It’s the lack of quickness that is so clear with Dylan on the defensive end. It isn’t as clear on offense because of his craftiness, but the same can’t be said on D.

He’s a high IQ player, but struggles with decision making on that end. Seems to just be going through the motions and isn’t thinking before reacting on D. Too often, Dylan will go over screens when he should be going under and vice versa. Same thing goes for biting on pump fakes, which happens often.

Players who are quick and supremely athletic can make up for their mishaps and poor reads, but that isn’t the case for Dylan.

Speaking of his athleticism, that is another weakness in his game. Dylan is long and that’s his main strength when rebounding and scoring. He isn’t someone who is going to dunk on you or pull off some quick move. Now while this is a clear weakness in his game, it remains to be seen how greatly that will affect him at the next level. In college, that hasn’t been a major issue.


Future Outlook:

Dylan Windler is fun. He’s a fun watch in college and the same goes for wherever he plays next. The way he has played in his senior year surely puts him in the conversation for a draft pick. And, on top of that, given that this isn’t a year with a ton of shooters, don’t be surprised if Dylan Windler gets drafted in the late 1st, early 2nd round area.

Iggy Brazdeikis, Cam Johnson, Tyler Herro, and Fletcher Magee are some of the pure shooters we think of from this potential draft class. Dylan Windler should be in that group.


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