Does Kyle Guy deserve consideration for the 2019 NBA Draft?

Kyle Guy

Kyle Guy, who is now a junior at Virginia, is one of the better shooters in the country. Given the talent that Virginia has, there isn’t a need for him to put up 20 a night (which is why his average this year hovers around 14), but he has every ability to do just that.

Last night, against UNC, Guy went for 20 points on 7/14 shooting from the field and 5/9 from deep. That marks his 4th 20+ point game of the season and 5th game with 5+ 3PM. Virginia has just 2 losses all year, both being to Duke.

Kyle’s main strength is his ability to come off of picks and utilize his off-ball movement to get himself open out on the perimeter. He does so better than almost anyone else we’ve seen in college for some time.

That is his bread and butter, but it’s not all he can do. Guy has also shown the ability to take defenders off the dribble and finish some pretty creative plays. Does he have good enough handles or court vision to be a point guard at the next level? No, probably not. He just isn’t that great of a playmaker.

But, with that being said, we think he is a better slasher than commonly perceived.

So, with all this being said, let’s start to try to answer the question whether Kyle Guy is good enough to be considered for the 2019 NBA Draft.

Kyle is a good enough shooter and moves well enough off the ball offensively to definitely be in the conversation. As of right now, he is probably unfortunately someone on the outside looking in and if he wants to make the NBA, he’ll have to put a lot of work in. He’s not strong or skilled enough defensively to be able to defend the 2 guard at the next level.

The one thing that goes for Kyle Guy is that he is a nice kid and works hard. He is constantly the first one to try to help someone up when they go down on the court, no matter which team they are on. He’s the kind of player that teams would love to have in their locker room.

For now, it doesn’t seem like that locker room will be one with an NBA team right now, but he’ll definitely have a chance if he comes back for his senior year and continues to showcase that amazing three point shooting ability.



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