DJ Hogg Scouting Report

DJ Hogg

Name: DJ Hogg

School: Texas A&M

Year: Junior

Height/Weight: 6’9, 215 lbs



DJ Hogg is one of the best shooters in the NCAA at 6’8 or taller. His height gives him the ability to shoot over the top of most defenders given that he is a small forward and most SFs in the NCAA are closer to 6’6. He showed the ability last year at Texas A&M to come off of screens and quickly pull-up from the three-point line.

Hogg has also proved to be a solid passer. He’s not necessarily someone who will be able to create for the team, but he’s able to be relied on even with the tight defense. Tyler Davis and Robert Williams are two giants in the middle who Hogg has relied on and will continue to rely on when trying to find the best way to get the team the bucket.

Above all else, Hogg’s biggest strength is his shooting as mentioned. His form is perfect and his shoot is very smooth. Every time he releases the ball, it seems like it’s going in. Out of all of the games that I’ve watched Hogg, I can only remember a couple of occasions where he wasn’t on target with his shot. DJ is a reliable shooter that can get hot in a hurry. He’s been great coming off of those flare screens and will continue to thrive when he is awarded just a little bit of space.



The biggest weakness in DJ’s game is his unwillingness to attack the basket regularly. For some teams in the NBA he would never be asked to do so, but not posing the threat of putting the ball down to attack the basket allows the defender to get right up in your grill.

Hogg’s defense isn’t bad by any means, but his off-ball defense is. He’ll become too much of a bull-watcher at times and will often fall flat on his heels when the ball is on the opposite side of the court allowing a skip pass to catch DJ off guard. You need to stay on your toes on the defensive end, even if the ball is on the opposite side.

To go along with DJ Hogg’s unwillingness to get to the lane is his lack of quickness. This could attribute to that fact. On the rare occasion that Hogg attacks the rim, he often has to use his body to try to create space from the defender since he is unable to beat them off the dribble. If he is unsuccessful in beating the opponent off the dribble in college, I can only imagine the type of struggles he’ll go through in the pros to try to create for himself.

Future Outlook:

DJ Hogg has a great frame for the small forward position which will always keep scouts intrigued in him. He’s a knock-down shooter who just needs to get the green light to get himself going. Hogg only shot 39.8% from the field last season which will need to be improved this season. If DJ can shore up his defense and show that he has the capability to attack the basket and get to the line, then I truly believe we will see DJ Hogg’s name called come draft day. As of now, given the fact that he has a lot to prove this upcoming season, he is on the outside looking in.

Draft Projection:

Undrafted in the 2018 NBA Draft



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