DeMarcus Cousins’ All-Star campaign receives support from ‘LeBron James’ Vine kid


The “LeBron James,” Vine that graced the internet about a year ago has become perhaps the most popular six-second video correlating to the NBA since it’s release, so in attempt to help with DeMarcus Cousins’ campaign for this February’s All-Star game in Toronto, the Sacramento Kings asked the kid who appeared in the clip for some assistance. 

The kid (we’ve gotta figure out his name if we haven’t already,) is seen sporting a Boogie jersey, and even adds some flare with a jersey pop. Cousins must’ve loved it, as he’s seen at the end with a content smirk on his face at the end. What won’t make Cousins grin is his standing in the first return of All-Star votes, as he was eighth in votes amongst Western Conference frontcourt players. Hopefully for him, the second return yields better results.


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