CP3 Praises Westbrook, Says He's Fine Without Durant


According to the LA Times, Chris Paul thinks that Westbrook will be just fine without reigning MVP Kevin Durant.


Everyone knows by now that Kevin Durant will be out due to injury, and it’s Westbrook’s team until he comes back. After dropping a cool 38 points to go along with 6 assists last night against the Blazers, Westbrook and the Thunder turn their attention to Chris Paul and the Clippers. The Los Angeles Clippers are slated to start their season on Thursday night against the Thunder. On Wednesday Chris Paul was asked about the game and Russell Westbrook.

“You could put him on the court with the Bad News Bears, and he’s going to be ready to play,” said Chris Paul about Russell Westbrook. 

The Clippers aren’t taking the Thunder lightly even though they have an injury list as long as a grocery list. Paul and company know what Westbrook is capable of and they know his supporting cast can step it up as well. The Clippers are coming into this game with the same mindset they would have even if Durant was there. 

“Whether he’s there or not, we have to try to beat them every time we play them,” Coach Doc Rivers said.

The Clippers are trying to eradicate that round 2 loss to OKC this past postseason from their memory and it all starts with the first game of the season. 




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