Could Rajon Rondo become a Sacramento King?

Rajon Rondo


Rajon Rondo
(Credit: Ronald Martinez-Getty Images)


When the blockbuster trade went down that sent Rajon Rondo to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for role players and draft picks, one would have thought it could set Dallas up for success for the next couple of seasons. Since then, it was a disaster and a train wreck for the veteran guard. Having multiple incidents with head coach Rick Carlisle, it created turmoil that ultimately ended the season earlier than expected for Dallas. Granted, Dallas had no real chance to make an NBA Finals this year. They weren’t built for an NBA Finals, but the Rondo situation made things worse than they needed to be.

Rondo will be exploring other options this offseason, and it seems like the Sacramento Kings could be a viable option. Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe called Sacramento a dark horse destination for Rondo:

A darkhorse location for Rajon Rondo in free agency is Sacramento, where the Kings are entering a pivotal year in their franchise and could use a bona fide point guard. Darren Collison, coming off hip surgery, is the team’s scheduled starter for next season. Rondo, who didn’t appear interested in going to the Kings a few years ago, could use the club as a springboard to perhaps a larger contract if he signs a one-year deal. Rondo is also close friends with Kings forward Rudy Gay.

I think if Rondo were to sign with Sacramento, it would have to be a short-term deal somewhere in the one to two-year range. The personalities of Rondo and DeMarcus Cousins could either be a great combination or it could be a recipe for disaster. I could see them butting heads if and when things don’t go right for the Kings this coming season. We will have to wait and see what Rondo wants to do this offseason.


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