Comparing Draymond Green to Lamar Odom



While watching Draymond Green have this amazing year with the Golden State Warriors it’s reminded me of what Lamar Odom was to the Los Angeles Lakers in their 2008-2010 championship years. Odom wasn’t the overall defender that Green is, but in terms of versatility on both ends of the floor, the comparison is there.

Lamar Odom’s Top 10 Plays in the 2010-2011 season.

X-factor is the word I like to use to describe these two guys because whenever they played well, you knew their team would win. Odom was the point forward for the Lakers, bringing the ball up the floor on numerous occasions and getting them into their offense. He was the perfect fit for Phil Jackson’s triangle offense because of his ability to do so many things. He could post up and give you points in the paint and he could also shoot from the outside when needed. The Lakers did a great job of using his match-up to their advantage because when it came to a smaller opponent they went to Odom in the paint, but when he had a bigger and slower defender, Lamar spotted up outside and either shot the three or drove past his defender. This was a great strategy because most of the opposition had no answer for what Odom could do. The 6’10, tall, and lanky frame of Odom was something we hadn’t seen much of with the combined quickness and agility that he possessed. It helped him defensively because he could guard defenders in the paint and when necessary, he could get out and stay with guards on the pick and roll. Lamar Odom was the guy that every team wished they could have had and the Los Angeles Lakers used him effectively, winning two championships with Odom on their squad.

Draymond Green Highlights from this Season

Draymond Green has made a name for himself this year with the Golden State Warriors. The 1st Team All-Defense member is getting the job done on both sides of the ball. I feel the Warriors wouldn’t be as successful as they have if it wasn’t for Green playing the way he has. The undersized forward is the core of their top-ranked defense. He plays with his heart and fights every possession no matter who he’s matched up against. Draymond also serves as a huge asset on the offensive end. Like Odom, he has the ability to score either inside or outside, but where Golden State likes to use him most is in pick and pop situations. When Green his hitting that shot, they are impossible to stop. He forces bigger defenders to step out and have to guard him, and when they close out too hard, he blows right past them. Any of his teammates will explain how important he is to their team because he does so much whether it’s defending, rebounding, scoring, or distributing the ball.

Draymond and the Warriors have the chance to win a ring this year as they have a 3-0 lead against the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Finals. Things are clicking on all cylinders for Golden State as it has all year, so it will be fun to see if they will be able to top off their fantastic season with an NBA title.

Draymond plus or minus
Draymond Green has the best playoff plus/minus this year and this is how he compare to the best since 2000.

Both Green and Odom are great players and even though they aren’t the superstars of their teams, they still mean so much to their success. The way these guys are built and what they do best are complete opposites, but the versatility that they have and how much importance they bring to their teams are the same. Both multifaceted forwards that can handle the ball and stretch the floor while posing match-up problems for their opponents. They abuse the boards as well as have the ability to defend the ball in the paint and out. Two guys whose games you have to appreciate, that deserve credit for the success that they bring to their teams.


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