The up and coming ‘Dab’ phenomenon in basketball


We live in a social media era where things are constantly trending. Whether it’s clothes, music, or dances, trends are constantly coming and going.

We currently have one among us which is called the ‘dab’. It’s an Atlanta dance craze that has taken over social media which a lot of rappers, entertainers, and athletes are starting to pick up on.

Paul George is out here dabbin’.

Even LeBron is doing it.

With only two weeks into the NBA preseason, we’ve seen multiple players perform this dance as a celebration following a big move or shot, and I’m assuming we will see more of this on all levels of basketball.JR Smith We’ve seen trends like this hit basketball such as the three symbol and the three goggles. I’m expecting the same thing with the dab. Expect players to hit the dab after dunks and especially after threes. It will undoubtedly get played out fast just like every other trending topic, but I am interested to see who will try to do it differently and make it their own.


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