Should Chris Bosh consider entering the Big 3 league?

Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh has unfortunately seen his career possibly come to an end due to his recent health issues. We haven’t seen Bosh on the court for the past two seasons because of his battles with blood clots. This led the Miami Heat to waive his contract this past week making him an unrestricted free agent. Bosh’s health condition has made it uncertain if teams would want to risk signing him. With his NBA career possibly at a halt, could the Big 3 league be the next destination for Chris Bosh?

The Big 3’s mantra has been all about letting NBA veterans and retirees who still desire to play basketball to hoop again. It’s a league of the players and for the players, that’s all about hooping. Chris Bosh’s discrepancy with continuing his NBA career is the risk of his health. The rigorous training and traveling and playing 82 high-paced games all take a huge toll on the body. The question of can he last or can his body uphold is too much of a risk to take.

However, the Big 3 could be a perfect fit for Chris Bosh. While they do travel, it’s not even close to the nonstop traveling of the NBA. The games are much shorter and it’s only half-court. 3-on-3 basketball is very intense but the strain on your body doesn’t even compare to that of the NBA regular season. I think Chris Bosh’s game would thrive in the Big 3 but it all depends on if he would want to.

Going through something like what Bosh is going through, I would understand if he never wanted to touch a basketball again. There’s nothing like having something that you love get taken right from your hands. However, just a couple months ago, Bosh posted videos of himself working out in the gym, also expressing his desire to return to the league.

Whether or not we’ll see Chris Bosh back on the NBA floor is still left to be unsaid. But in the meantime, if he still has the desire to play maybe he should strongly consider entering the Big 3 League. I’m sure they’ll accept him with open arms and I’m sure many fans, including myself, would enjoy seeing him play the game of basketball again.


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