Chloe Jackson WNBA Draft Evaluation

Chloe Jackson

School: Baylor

Year: Graduate

Height: 5’8”



Chole Jackson is a transferred 5 year senior at Baylor and was one of the leaders for the Baylor Bears this season. A poised scoring guard with a nice mid-range game, Jackson improved as a playmaker as she began to develop chemistry with her new teammates. Jackson not only helped her team make it to the championship, she also helped them win the national championship which hasn’t belonged to Baylor in seven years. Her contributions on offense are a big reason for that.

Jackson’s original position was shooting guard at NC State and LSU, but when she transferred to Baylor University she had to step up and run the point. Standing at an even 5’8”, her frame fits exactly with what a WNBA point guard would be. Jackson is able to knock down shots off the dribble and isn’t afraid to get into the paint which is needed to keep the defenders on their toes.

Jackson is the third leading scorer for the Baylor Bears, averaging 11.7 points per games while being Baylor’s primary ball handler. Jackson leads the transition fast breaks for the Lady Bears and the tempo she’s used to is very fast paced.

Jackson also has a penetrate and kick game because she’s that much of a threat to opponents when she’s in the paint. She’s all about getting her teammates involved, but is still a feared scorer.



Jackson only attempted 5 threes this season and made just one. She is not known for her three point shooting and it’s debatable if she’s going to have to establish a three point game for her to continue at the next level.

In order for her to also play at the next level, Jackson is going to have to learn to draw fouls and shoot more free throws. Her senior year at Baylor she only attempted 69 free throws and for a guard, especially one who relies on paint penetration, it’s a low mark to have.

Defense also can be seen as a weakness for Jackson. She’s amazing at playing in the passing lane and getting her steals from there, however, when it comes to pick and roll situations, Jackson doesn’t fight through the screen which sometimes makes her opponent open with a semi good look. She’s going to have to improve her defense and try not to get sucked all the way in when defending opponents.


Future Outlook:

Jackson’s draft stock has went up with her March Madness performance and with them winning the championship. She has proven she can be a vocal leader, a quick learner, and one who is constantly eager to improve.

I could see Jackson being selected in the 3rd round of the WNBA draft.


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