The Chicago Bulls miss the playoffs for first time since 2008


After the Indiana Pacers beat the Brooklyn Nets Sunday night, it officially put the Chicago Bulls out of the playoffs. This is the first time they’ve missed the playoffs since 2008, but if you’ve seen the circus that this season has been for the Bulls, then you shouldn’t be surprised. The season began with big hopes and dreams behind the new head coach in Fred Hoiberg. But even with the hype, there were rumors lingering around the franchise about whether Derrick Rose and the new Chicago superstar, Jimmy Butler got along. Eventually, those rumors ended and the Bulls finally got to show the world what they had out on the court; and what they had, wasn’t impressive.

Fred Hoiberg

Despite suffering a numerous amount of injuries, the Bulls looked like an uninspired team all season. Their level of play would be shaped like a roller-coaster if you layed it out because they were so inconsistent all year. Fred Hoiberg’s passive demeanor didn’t mesh well with their personality because they needed that assertive, motivational figure. They missed their backbone in Joakim Noah who had a season-ending injury back in January. A guy who poured his heart out on the court, that might not even re-sign because his role was extremely diminished. This season was a wake-up call for the Chicago Bulls and it’s organization. They have some big decisions to make this offseason to get things back on the right track. The fans of Chicago are used to greatness so the time-table for Bulls’ management is very thin. They need guys that will show up and compete for 82 games out the season; not just when they want to.


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