VIDEO: Nike’s athletes show respect to Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant’s last game is 3 days ahead and Nike has decided to deem April 13th, “Mamba Day”. They gathered a bunch of their biggest stars to honor Kobe in a short video where they described his career and his impact on the game of basketball. The commercial featured their biggest NBA stars including LeBron James and Kevin Durant but it also featured other athletes like Russell Wilson, Tiger Woods, and Serena Williams. All of the athletes gave their opinions on Kobe which featured words like: tenacious, annoying, dominating, and even a**hole. No matter what, Kobe Bryant forced you to have an opinion whether you hated or loved him. He earned that respect from the way he attacked the game and his opponents. I love the respect that Nike and his comrades displayed and it goes to show that Kobe Bryant will truly be missed.


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