Catching Up with Coach Darryl Hardin from Team 1 Family (Showtime) Hoops

1 Family (Showtime) Hoops

Team 1 Family (Showtime) Hoops is a making national noise on the Adidas AAU Circuit. With top players on their 17u team like Nassir Little, Ronaldo Segu, and Amanze Ngumezi highlight tapes are becoming a regular.

We just labeled Nassir Little as one of the hottest recruiting names on the market. I spoke with Co-Founder/Coach Darryl Hardin of 1 Family (Showtime) Hoops about this dominant AAU program.

Nassir 1Family
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How did you get the idea to help create 1 Family (Showtime) Hoops?

Coach Hardin: Five years ago, we came up with a way to give back to you in our area, which was Tallahassee, Florida, at the time. My partner and I, Leland Loper, both enjoyed basketball and helping kids. It only seemed right to start a basketball program where we would train them, teach them the game, and coach them throughout spring and summer.

What age group/groups do you have in the program?

Coach Hardin: Currently we have 6th-11th-grade teams within the program. When we started, we started with an 8th-grade team (Class of 2016) and we added a team each year after that.

Any reason for deciding to play on the Adidas Circuit?

Coach Hardin: We were Under Armour for a year under the name Showtime Hoops. It was our first experience with a shoe league, we learned a lot. The Adidas brand for us made sense because they were willing to grow with us as a program and get behind us in the state of Florida. We also knew that a lot of the top players in 2018 played in the Adidas League. It would give our guys good matchups and a chance to raise their profiles by playing well in the league.

What has the road been like to get to be a dominant AAU program that you’re apart of now?

Coach Hardin: It’s been a true grind, in the beginning, we had talented players, guys like Tyree Crump (Top 100 player), Maurice Howard, and Londell King. We used to call out the bigger programs to get a game to see where we stood. As it went on, myself, Brad, and Leland got better at developing kids as well as better at evaluating talent that fit our program. The kids got better and more kids wanted to be part of the programs. Top kids too because they got a feel for the program, and our guys stayed loyal. This is why we changed the name to 1 Family because of the family feel. Looking back it’s been the right combination of grinding and timing. Guys really blossomed under our guidance and the environment of 1 Family.

Who are some players we should know about, no matter the age group?

Coach Hardin: In 2018, 6’7″ Nassir Little, 6’9″ Amanze Ngumezi, 6’4″ Zach Scott, and 6’0″ Ronaldo Segu

In 2019, 7’1″ Balsa Koprivica, 6’6″ Diante Smith, 6’7″ Zimife Nwokeji, 6’8″ Isaiah Turner

In 2020, 6’4″ Keano Calderon, 6’9″ Kyler Edwards, 6’3″ Osei Price, 6’6″ Joe Deluzio

In 2021, 6’10” Moussa Diabate, 6’9″ Bretner Mutombo, 6’9″ Jonathan Izemef

Segu 1Family

How did you feel coming out of the matchup against Zion Williamson and SC Supreme?

Coach Hardin: Going into the match-up, I wanted to see how Zion and Nassir would do guarding each other. It’s a match-up we were looking forward to seeing. Zion is an unbelievable talent, we left the game feeling good because we understood Nassir is up there with anyone in the country. Zach Scott stole the show with his shooting hitting 6 or 7 3’s in the game. The crowd left pleased with an entertaining game that went to the end and had exciting plays throughout.

What makes your program different compared to every other AAU program?

Coach Hardin: The biggest difference is development, our kids are “home grown” meaning we have had most of them since the 8th grade. Our parents are truly the best because they believe in us and their support makes things go for us. The family environment is big time here! Loyalty to the kids, and the kid’s loyalty to us.

What kind of culture are you trying to create?

Coach Hardin: A culture of hard work. We want our guys to understand you have to earn everything you get. We believe that this is done through hard work and hard work only.

Do you see this success sustaining year after year?

Coach Hardin: With the talent we have in the pipelines and the solid foundation we have set, I think the success rate for us will be really high for the foreseeable future. We have the blueprint and what works and what doesn’t. Along with the support from Adidas, we are here to stay.

What are your future goals for the program?

Coach Hardin: To continue our scholarship rate of 100%, to continue to develop high level players, to win the Adidas Finale and Adidas Championships. We also want to be the number one program in Florida and McDonald’s All-Americans come from the program.

Is there anything else you’d like to make known or you think should be known about the program?

Coach Hardin: That this is a 3 headed monster with Brad Augustine, Leland Loper, and myself running 1 Family. That our guys and families really do care about each other and love to see each other succeed!


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